Key features of our video wall

High Resolution

At 3.75mm pixel pitch the content is absolutely visible even when standing right next it to. Stand back a few metres and it is like looking at an HD TV.


The screen is so bright it can compete with direct sunlight which make it useable in places where projection is not.

Totally Scalable

We can build screens in excess of fifty square metres without a single visible join.

Shallow Depth

Our screens can be build up against walls and in tight spaces – no more need to consider rear-projection distance.

Flexible Shapes

Video walls do not need to be constrained to standard aspect ratios – strips, squares and even triangles can be created.

Flexible Rigging

Video wall can be flown, ground-stacked, or face-attached to set. We are yet to have a request we cannot fulfil.


Our system is always better than projection as black is always black, rather than a grey or white colour.

Competent Team

We only ever send our screens out with an experienced and well-trained full-time SXS staff member who can deal with any issues with the screen swiftly.

White Label

Our staff are discreet and will be happy to work under your brand. Our screen cases are not branded.


For most jobs we build the screen system in full prior to dispatch – you can even come and see it in person or we can send you images of the screen in use with your content.


All our screen systems go out with full redundancy and spare components for absolute reliability. All signal systems are double ended and all components can be changed in-situ in a matters of seconds.