Indoor Led Module Q4

► Super bright LED and high quality plastic parts
► High Contrast Display can achieve Good Results
► Light weight: Easy Installation and Removal
► Can be a single point, single-lamp maintenance, low cost
► Using constant current drive LED, light uniformity, low power consumption
► Pixel Pitch of 4.0mm, a total of 64 * 32 pixels , each pixel is composed of 1R1G1B

Module Pixel Pitch 4.0mm Pixel Density 62500Dots/㎡
Configuration 1R1G1B Resolution 64*32=2048Dots
Size (Width*height*Depth) 256.0*128.0*14.6mm Net Weight N/A
Structure Led and ICs in same PCB Plastic Kit Polycarbonatematerial
Input Voltage(DC) 4.5 ±0.1 V Maximum Current 3.4A ±0.1A
Module Power ≤15.3W Driving method Constant Current 1/16 scan